The Bounty Saga Continues

The New Orleans Saints are navigating their way through countless debilitating penalties after the NFL concluded an investigation that showed the Saints were using an illegal pay for performance system.

Recently a judge ruled in favor of the players that were suspended, that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had unjustly suspended players Jonathan Vilma, Will Smith and former Saints players Anthony Hargrove and Scott Fujita. The punishments were thrown out and the Commissioner was forced to come up with new penalties for the players.

Goodell issued new penalties of a one game suspension for Fujita, and a seven game suspension for Hargrove, but kept the season long suspension for Vilma and the four game suspension for Smith.

The players have filed for appeals of their suspensions but asked for someone other than Goodell to hear it. A judge refused this request but Goodell honored it, feeling that his objectivity may be in question.

The twist in this is that Goodell asked his old boss Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue to hear the appeals, but his objectivity has been called into question after recent reports allege that Tagliabue knew of pay for performance systems during his time as commisioner


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