The Raiders Failures

No sports franchise has endured a steeper fall from grace than the Oakland Raiders.

In 2002 they were the class of the AFC, representing the conference in the Super Bowl with a team worth praising. Since then the Raiders have endured failure after failure, including questionable coaching hires, and questionable player selections.

One of the biggest failures in NFL history came to the Raiders in the form of Jamarcus Russell. Before the Raiders drafted him, Russell had questions about his dedication to football and problems controlling his weight, but the raiders drafted him anyway, now he is overweight, addicted to codeine and out of the league.

The Raiders failed again when they hired Lane Kiffin to become their next Head Coach. Kiffin at the time, had never been a head coach and came to the Raiders after a career at USC serving as the offensive coordinator.

Kiffin was fired after coaching 20 games, after a falling out with the late team owner Al Davis. One of the main reasons he was fired was his lack faith in Jamarcus Russell’s ability to be a franchise quarterback.

It is hard for a franchise to succeed when the leadership running it doesn’t seem to have any clue what there doing, but what can more can you expect from a franchise that drafted a kicker in the first round.


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