No Norv, It’s Not Accecptable

After losing to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday the San Diego Chargers, now 4-5, find themselves two games back in their division and head coach Norv Turner is once again in danger of losing his job.

This is not new territory for Turner, many were shocked that he was given another chance after last years disappointing season. Since he took over as coach, the Chargers have been known to have stretches in the season where they just can’t seem to win games.

This season the Chargers have been plagued by bad offensive line and quarterback play, in addition to their usual slump. This season the Chargers have been playing at elite levels during the first half of their games and then in the second half they seem to fall asleep and allow teams steal wins from them.

After Sunday’s game it seemed that the frustrating season had finally gotten to the head coach as he let out some stress during his press conference. In an uncharacteristic show of emotion, the usually level headed coach showed that he was unhappy with the product his team has been putting on the field.

With a 4-5 record the Chargers find themselves on the outside of the playoff picture with seven games left to play including next week’s game against the division leading Denver Broncos. If things do not change quickly,  these could be the last seven games of Norv Turner’s career as the Chargers head coach.



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