NFL Week 2

Sorry I missed out on week one but I’m ready to jump back into things.First, this season has plenty of story lines for fans to follow such as:

A.    RGIII’s Knee

      -After a loss to the Eagles on Monday night many people questioned whether the Redskins made the right move, keeping Robert Griffin III out for the entire preseason. He was obviously rusty during the first half against the Eagles, and while he did play better in the second half, many of the passes he made were short, quick, and easy to make throws. If the Redskins plan on being contender’s this season they will need RGIII to be what he was for them a year ago… Everything.

B.     New Coaches

-This season there are total of eight teams with new head coaches, seven of these coaches have offensive backgrounds and two of them are coming from the college ranks. The emphasis on offense was evident during week one, with several teams utilizing up tempo offenses they were able to run well over 70 offensive plays. With offenses getting faster these new coaches will have to figure out ways to keep their defenses fresh throughout the season. 

C.     The Read Option

-One of the biggest questions NFL teams faced this offseason was, “how do we stop the read option”. Quarterbacks such as RGIII, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick utilized the read option last year and left defenses guessing where the ball would end up next. After what Kaepernick did to the Green Bay Packers last year, some of the Packers defensive coaches spent time studying Texas A&M University’s football team to come up with a plan for the read option. All the work the Packers put in seem to help as they still lost the game. While they stopped Kaepernick from beating them with his legs, he proved that he can be just as lethal with his arm.

Week 2 Key Matchups:

 Browns @ Ravens & Steelers @ Bengals

-This entire division lost last week, so the two teams that win will be tied for first place in the AFC North.

 Vikings @ Bears

-This is a crucial game for the Vikings, after losing to the Lions last week a lost to the Bears would put them in a two game hole in the division standings.

 Redskins @ Packers

-Both of these teams lost close games a week ago. Everyone will be watching to see if RGIII can build off of his promising second half last Monday, and they will also be looking to see if the Packers can finally stop a read option quarterback.

 Titans @ Texans

-The Titans should be eager to show that they will be a force in the AFC South this year after a strong win against the Steelers, while the Texans will be coming off a last second victory against the Chargers last Monday that seemed to take a lot out of them.

 Chargers @ Eagles

-The Chargers are coming off of a heartbreaking defeat at the hands of the Texans mainly because of a defense that looked sluggish and worn down in the second half, this will be a tough game for them if the defense continues to look out of shape against the Eagles fast paced offense.

 Saints @ Bucs

-If the Saints can win this game that would give them two division wins in two weeks and a seat on top of the NFC South.

 Broncos @ Giants

-Peyton Manning is 2-0 against his brother Eli, and if the Giants turn the ball over like they did against the Cowboys Peyton might break a record this week.

 Jaguars @ Raiders

-The loser of this game is the worst team in the league.

 49ers @ Seahawks

-This game could be a preview of a potential playoff matchup. These teams split the 2 games they played last year with both games being tightly contested.


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